Kit de survie EDCX (Army)


Kit de survie complet pour allumer un feu : bracelet en paracord avec pierre à feu, sifflet, boussole, scie en kevlar et combustible.

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      The bracelet is made of paracord 550 (type III), which does not rot, does not fade, is moisture resistant and can withstand 250 kg of breaking.

       If you want to keep yourself safe in the wild, a 3m emergency supply of rope in a bracelet is a preparation that will save your life.

       As a fastener - a multifunctional fastex with a whistle, flint and compass.

      The "Lizzard" lanyard is made of a special cord - Flame Cord. Thanks to the special weaving, it can be easily and quickly unraveled.

      Flame Cord is a cord with an innovative wick at its core. It is moisture resistant and highly flammable.

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